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Absent Friends Pet Crematorium is a small, independent, family run pet cremation service in Hertfordshire. We only carry out individual pet cremations and promise your pet will be handled with respect, care and dignity at all times. Your pet will be cremated on it's own. Absent Friends Pet Crematorium does not carry out mass cremation or incinerate any clinical waste.


Family business with a professional reputation


Over the years, we have built up a reputation as one of the most professional and best boarding catteries in the area (Greenfields Luxury Boarding Cattery) and we now feel it is time to help our customers during the difficult time of their pet's passing.


The personal, honest service your pet deserves


We have always had our own pets, so we know first hand what it is like when the time comes to say goodbye to your companion and friend. At Absent Friends, we can offer the perfect tailor-made package to meet all your needs. We offer a full range of caskets and urns for your pet's ashes, from wooden caskets to metal urns and other keepsakes. We also offer scatter tubes so you can take your pet back to your garden, favourite walking route or anywhere that was special to you and your pet (subject to local regulations regarding the scattering of ashes).


We want to give the personal, tailored service you deserve at such a difficult time. Even if you are not in immediate need of our services, we can put a plan in place for when the time comes, for your own peace of mind. Your pet will be collected from your home or your vets usually the same day, and we can arrange for you to say your goodbyes in our private room. Alternatively, you can deliver your pet personally to the crematorium.


Your pet's ashes will normally be available for collection 24-48 hours after arrival.



Best Wishes,


John and Helen

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